A message from our Group Head

Sustainability is at the heart of our business. It is the right thing to do and clearly drives better investment performance and outcomes for everyone. We want all our communities to prosper. Sustainability is how we make it happen.”

Ben Way
Group Head of Macquarie Asset Management
Member of Macquarie Group’s Executive Committee

Our approach

As one of the world’s leading alternative asset managers, we are the custodians of vital businesses that impact people’s daily lives. We have a responsibility to create stronger, more sustainable investments.

Our 2020 Sustainability Report explores our sustainability efforts across our infrastructure, renewables, agriculture and real estate portfolio. The report examines the successes and challenges we have encountered as we integrate sustainability throughout our business.

Our value chain

Through our ownership and asset management, we generate value for a broad range of stakeholders across society.

We invest to deliver positive impact for everyone.

Our stakeholders

Maintaining strong and enduring relationships with our stakeholders goes hand in hand with building long-term value across the full breadth of our value chain.

1. Identify

Identify our key stakeholders and implement an ongoing programme of active engagement - with both internal and external stakeholders

2. Focus

Focus on developing and maintaining constructive and enduring relationships

3. Embed

Embed stakeholder engagement activities in our asset management framework

4. Improve

Improve and enhance understanding of how we can add broader value to communities

The macro-trends shaping the world

While the onset and impact of coronavirus has been sudden, many other inter-connected trends are already having profound social and economic impact such as:

  • Climate change
  • Urbanisation
  • Resource scarcity
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Human rights, fairness and equality

In some cases, these macro trends have started transforming the very infrastructure and communities around us.


Our portfolio has more than 4.7 million hectares of farmland, over 480 properties and 150 assets each of which has its own set of material issues and opportunities. Our teams work with each of our assets to help them manage their own material areas.

We are custodians

By constantly looking for new opportunities today, we are positioning the world’s capital to make a greater impact on tomorrow.

With investments in businesses across five continents, our portfolio is relied on by over 100 million people every day. As custodians of these essential services, we need to ensure that we create strong, sustainable businesses for the benefit of all.

We do this by leveraging our skills, resources and expertise to work with portfolio company management teams to drive improvements, across operations, financials and ESG.

Our capabilities

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