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Daniel McCormack

Managing Director, Head of Research

  • Joined Macquarie in 2005
  • Based in Frankfurt

Daniel leads Macquarie Asset Management’s (MAM’s) Research Team, which produces research on real assets, listed equity and listed debt markets, and the energy transition. The team also provides regular macroeconomic views to clients and the firm’s investment teams and oversees the economic forecasts and assumptions that go into the firm’s acquisitions and asset management activities.

Daniel regularly appears in the media, including on Bloomberg, BBC, and CNBC, and he publishes articles in leading industry publications.

Prior to joining the firm, he spent 10 years as a sell-side equity market strategist and economist in London, Hong Kong, and Sydney.

Daniel has a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) from the University of Queensland, Australia, and a Bachelor of Laws degree from the Queensland University of Technology. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation.

Aizhan Meldebek

Global Infrastructure Strategist

  • Joined Macquarie in 2022
  • Based in London

Aizhan is a Global Infrastructure Strategist for Macquarie Asset Management (MAM). In this role, she produces insights on the asset class performance of agriculture and infrastructure, including power, transport, energy, and digital infrastructure. Aizhan analyses and monitors key market trends in these sectors, focusing on the impact of changing economic cycles.

Prior to joining the firm, Aizhan worked as a Research Analyst for private infrastructure markets at DWS (Deutsche Bank).

Aizhan has a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) in economics and statistics from the University of St Andrews, and she holds the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst designation. 

Dillon Anderiesz

Senior Vice President, Private Credit Product Specialist - Client Solutions Group

  • Joined Macquarie in 2013
  • Based in London

Dillon is a Private Credit Product Specialist responsible for developing new strategies for the firm’s private credit business. He also leads the development of renewable energy strategies.

Since joining Macquarie Asset Management (MAM), Dillon has been involved in growing and establishing the firm’s private credit business, including inflation-linked funds and global funds. He was also responsible for establishing the private credit US business and has worked on several transactions across infrastructure, agriculture, and other real assets.

Prior to joining Macquarie, Dillon worked as a Civil Engineer and Consultant with the Worley Parsons Group managing the operations and construction of major infrastructure that included major rail, water electrical utilities, and transport. In his role, he was responsible for developing and optimizing operational models, assessing construction risks associated with infrastructure projects, and developing and assessing infrastructure project tender documents and contracts.

He has a Bachelor of Commerce in finance and accounting and a Bachelor of Engineering in civil engineering from the University of New South Wales, having graduated with First Class Honours and the University Medal.

Peter Durante

Managing Director, Head of Technology and Innovation

  • Joined Macquarie in 2018
  • Based in London

Peter is the Head of Technology and Innovation for Macquarie Asset Management (MAM). He works with deal and asset management teams to develop new investment thematics and identify as well as apply emerging technologies that affect existing and future portfolio assets.

Prior to joining Macquarie, Peter spent more than 18 years in the energy and transportation industries, most recently as the Head of Emerging Technologies in Saudi Aramco’s Renewables Department.

Peter is on the board for Approtium, a MAM portfolio company in South Korea, focusing on strategy and decarbonisation. He is also Co-Chair of the Technology Board for Macquarie’s Climate Solutions Taskforce, a member of the industry advisory board for the UK Catapult Hydrogen Innovation Initiative, and a guest lecturer at the University of Oxford on energy futures.

Peter holds an Executive Master of Business Administration from the University of Oxford, a Master of Science in finance and financial law from SOAS (University of London), a Master of Arts in international relations from the University of Kent, and a Bachelor of Arts in history from Arizona State University.

David Roberts

Associate Director, Head of Real Estate Strategy

  • Joined Macquarie in 2017
  • Based in Sydney

David is the Head of Real Estate Strategy for Macquarie Asset Management (MAM), producing property research across major global markets and sectors for external and internal clients, including Macquarie Group’s Board.

Previously, he was a member of UBS Asset Management's Real Estate Team, where he was the Head of Real Estate Research for Asia Pacific, responsible for formulating market views and strategies for the Direct Real Estate and Multi-Manager businesses. Prior to that, David was the UK Head of Research at Grosvenor and worked as an Economist at the Australian Treasury.

David holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Queensland, a Master of Economics/Econometrics from the Australian National University, and an IPF Diploma in Property Investment.

Thomas Studer

Senior Vice President, Energy Transition Lead 

  • Joined Macquarie in 2018
  • Based in London

Thomas is the Energy Transition Lead for the Technology and Innovation Team within Macquarie Asset Management’s (MAM’s) Green Investment Group (GIG). He provides thought leadership, due diligence, and asset management support on technology aspects across energy transition and sustainable mobility topics.

Thomas joined Macquarie with more than 10 years of international sector experience. His prior experience includes six years in Saudi Aramco’s Renewable Energy Department following a Chief Engineer position at a thin-film solar module plant in Spain.

Thomas volunteers as a mentor for year-10 students and has volunteered on community projects since joining MAM.

He holds a Master of Science in materials science and engineering from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.


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