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Davenport Downs, Livestock (Australia)

Why we invest in agriculture

Global population growth, a changing climate and rising household incomes in emerging markets are putting pressure on the world’s most critical resource – food.

For more than 10 years we’ve combined farming expertise, investment management discipline and a deep understanding of global commodities markets ‘in-house’, to become one of Australia’s largest diversified farmers and a major investor in Brazilian agriculture.

Paraway Pastoral, Davenport. Australia

Our impact


million hectares

of farmland across Australia and Brazil

Achieving scale and diversification

Looking across countries, climatic regions, commodity types and target markets, our team of agriculture specialists selectively acquires and actively manages prime farmland to create sustainable large scale, diversified farming enterprises to feed a growing population.

Today, MIRA and its managed funds responsibly invest in and operate 4.7 million hectares of farmland – producing red meat, grains and oil seeds.

Cruzeiro do Sul Grãos, Cropping (Brazil)
Grassmere, Cropping (Australia)

Part of the community

We understand that farmland is best managed by people on the ground, not overseen from afar.

That’s why we invest in people – working in partnership with experienced farm management teams located at each property to understand their crops and livestock, their weather conditions and local markets.

Employing more than 450 people in rural communities, we equip our farming businesses with best practice land management techniques, technology and infrastructure to improve quality and yield, whilst reducing their environmental impact.  

Focused on the future

“Climate change and population growth mean two things – our weather is getting more unpredictable, and the planet is getting hungrier. Food production and food security have never been more important."


Elizabeth O’Leary, Head of Agriculture


For more information about our agriculture capabilities, please contact us.

For more information about our agriculture capabilities, please contact us.



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