Navigating to Net Zero - Episode 8

Looking ahead: Navigating to Net Zero

Throughout this podcast series, leaders at Macquarie Asset Management’s infrastructure portfolio companies and real estate properties have shared insights into their businesses’ decarbonisation challenges and the practical climate solutions they are implementing.

In the final episode of Navigating to Net Zero, host Rebecca Darst talks with leaders from Macquarie Asset Management about what they’ve learned so far and why partnerships are critical to managing their portfolios in line with global net zero emissions by 2040.

Achieving net zero will not be easy, and what we’re learning in terms of our journey so far is that the work is hard. We’re having to embrace new technologies; we’re having to win the hearts and minds of people.” 

- Ben Way, Group Head, Macquarie Asset Management


The scale of these issues at hand requires collaboration and partnerships. No one can reach net zero alone – no company, no sector, no country.” 

- Kristina Kloberdanz, Chief Sustainability Officer, Macquarie Asset Management


I’m incredibly proud of the work that our portfolio companies have done and the work that our teams have put in, and also how many of these companies have come on the journey with us.” 

- Chandra Eastwell, Associate Director, Sustainability, Macquarie Asset Management


For us, seeing this population of companies making this strong and ambitious effort to map their paths to net zero is hugely informative because it shows us where we’ve got to be.” 

- Mark Dooley, Head of Green Investment Group, Macquarie Asset Management





Episode content recorded January 2023.

Navigating to Net Zero podcast series

Hear unique insights from leaders on their businesses' decarbonisation challenges and the practical climate solutions they are implementing.

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