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Today, data demand is growing exponentially with the digitisation of the economy. As energy to power the internet is one of the fastest growing emissions sources, and data centres expand to meet tomorrow’s data usage, data centre infrastructure providers need to scale sustainable practices and identify sources of capital to do so.

In 2018, a MAM-managed fund invested in Aligned Data Centers, a developer and operator of hyperscale data centre facilities. Aligned Data Centers sought to expand the number and capacity of data centres in response to the increasing utilisation of data.

This required employing renewable energy sources, finding ways to reduce the amount of energy needed to power the company’s existing data centres, and a continued focus on development of sustainable facilities in the future.

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Sector Infrastructure
Sub-sector Technology
Asset type Data centre
Invested 2018 - Present

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Location Dallas, Phoenix, Ashburn and Salt Lake City

An innovative solution

Sustainability is becoming a decisive factor in the selection of data centre providers. For Aligned Data Centers, ESG and sustainability is front of mind given the large amount of power the data centres consume. As the company brings new data centres online, sustainability at scale remains of paramount importance, as does the goal of delivering a “zero carbon” data hosting offering. In order to realise those sustainability goals on an expedited timeline, Aligned Data Centers needed to re-evaluate its existing financing in order to free up capital for investments into sustainable technologies.

Aligned Data Centers created Delta Cube (Delta³), an award-winning data centre cooling technology removing heat at its source. The technology uses less energy, less (or zero) water, and lowers client’s lifetime operating costs. This has resulted in an industry-leading Power Use Efficiency ratio. Customers have cited sustainability-linked practices such as these as influential factors in their purchase decisions.

In early 2020, Aligned Data Centers committed to matching 100% of customer IT load with renewable energy sources across all data centres. With this expanded sustainability program, Aligned Data Centers continues its commitment to the Future of Internet Power’s (FOIP) Corporate Colocation and Cloud Buyers’ Principles. Aligned will provide written attestation to its customers in accordance with FOIP’s documentation requirements for supplier-procured renewable energy.

Aligned Data Centers is a developer and operator of hyperscale data centre facilities
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100% of customer IT load matched with renewable energy sources
0 water utilisation
Market-leading energy efficiency through proprietary technology


Aligned Data Centers is a developer and operator of hyperscale and enterprise data centre facilities
Aligned data centres have an industry-leading power use efficiency ratio

Leveraging the strengths and relationships of the Macquarie network

Through Macquarie’s long-standing financing relationships, Aligned Data Centers was able to strengthen the capital position of the company, allowing for more rapid investments into data centres, and a quicker response to customer demands to scale up sustainability measures.

In addition, Aligned Data Centers is actively working with its customer base, some of the largest IT companies and Cloud companies globally, to provide a greener energy solution. This investment unlocks partnership opportunities for Aligned Data Centers with other areas in Macquarie Group to collocate solar and other renewable energy deployments.

In May 2020, Aligned Data Centers announced an increase of its secured credit facility to $US575 million as the company experienced continuous and consistently strong customer demand for its adaptive infrastructure solutions. This was followed by the completion of a $US1 billion senior secured credit facility in September 2020, the first U.S. data centre sustainability-linked financing. Aligned has also successfully increased its sustainability linked loan subsequent to 2020.

To date, sustainability linked practices have been influential factors in selling capacity to customers at attractive pricing. Value contributions include more capacity, lower operating costs, and a better GHG footprint.

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A collaborative approach to refinancing

“When we initially invested in the business, the timeline for refinancing the existing site level debt to a corporate facility was expected to be over three years out. However, with accelerated leasing, early-wins on asset management initiatives, and leveraging MAM’s lender relationships in the sector, we were able to refinance within the first six months of our investment, driving a reduction of rates by over 300 basis points. In turn, this allowed Aligned Data Centers to accelerate the investment in new facilities.”


Anton Moldan, Managing Director

“In April of 2018, Aligned Data Centers had just two facilities operating: one in Dallas and one in Phoenix. Since then that time, we’ve developed and commissioned two additional facilities, one in Ashburn and one in Salt Lake City. Thanks to Macquarie, we are better positioned to scale existing practices, develop sustainability initiatives, and bring new systems and technologies to our data centre platform.”


Andrew Schaap, Aligned Data Centers CEO

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