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Southampton Airport, Airport (United Kingdom)

Why we invest in infrastructure

In a growing world, the need for investment in infrastructure has never been greater. That’s why we’re constantly looking for new opportunities today to invest the world’s capital so it can make a greater impact on tomorrow. 

For more than 25 years we’ve worked in partnership with public authorities and communities to finance, build and operate businesses that drive economic growth and help to create a better future for the next generation. Today we’re the world’s largest infrastructure manager1, with more than 100 million people each day relying on the infrastructure in which we invest2.

Our impact


million people

each day rely on assets in which we invest2

Cheonan-Nonsan Expressway, Road network (South Korea)

Connecting communities

We recognise the importance of efficient road networks, airports, rail, ports, and shipping services to the creation of more connected supply chains, economies and communities. That’s why, since 1994, we’ve supported the development of a more integrated global economy through our investments in transport infrastructure.


Providing essential community services

New technology, and a focus on efficiency, is reshaping how essential services are provided to the community. That’s why we’re investing in the upgrade of electricity, gas and water utility services – improving essential infrastructure with a focus on reliability and efficiency. 

Aligned Energy, Data centres (United States)

Investing in the digital economy

The world’s communications needs have never been greater, with unprecedented data growth showing no signs of slowing. We’re helping to invest in the infrastructure that underpins innovation in the world’s rapidly evolving digital economy – supporting the development and operation of broadcast, towers, fibre, cable, wireless networks and data centres. Each year, businesses in which we manage investments reach more than ~115 million people through communications infrastructure2.


Part of society

From managing investments in hospitals, aged-care facilities, land title registries and other essential businesses, we understand the important role infrastructure can play in supporting societies as they develop and grow.

Aligned Energy, Data centres (United States)

Each year

Today we help connect

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12 million passengers fly through our airports2
1 million vehicles travel on our road networks2
34 million   passengers utilise our rail services2
6 million shipping containers are handled by our ports2
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14 million households to electricity and gas2
115 million   people through telecommunications infrastructure2

Making a real impact on communities

“Whether catching the train to work or turning the lights on at home, infrastructure touches every part of our lives. Being able to invest in businesses that make a real impact on the community is very rewarding.”


Frank Kwok, Head of Asia-Pacific, Real Assets


For more information about our infrastructure capabilities, please contact us.

For more information about our infrastructure capabilities, please contact us.


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All information current as at 31 March 2021, unless otherwise stated.


1  IPE Real Assets 2021 – Top 100 Infrastructure Investment Managers.

2 As at 31 March 2021 or most recent. Based on internal calculations.