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Scaling safe and smart living in Korea


Founded in 1971 as Korea’s first security services company, ADT Caps provides security services to ~600,000 customers1 across the country. Its customer base is broad, including retail stores, corporations, public offices, banks, hospitals, schools and homes.

In late 2017, MIRA and SK Telecom, Korea’s largest mobile communications operator2, successfully formed a consortium and jointly acquired ADT Caps.

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Sector Infrastructure
Sub-sector Utilities
Invested 2017 - 2020

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Location South Korea

Scaling solutions

Together with SK Telecom, MIRA is enabling ADT Caps to scale its smart solutions in commercial, industrial and residential security services as well as unmanned parking facilities management. The enhanced use of data analytics and mobility technologies sit at the heart of how ADT Caps is delivering and operating these services throughout Korea.

ADT Caps provides security services across Korea

User friendly parking

The MIRA and SK Telecom consortium continues to work closely with the management team of ADT Caps to drive new initiatives not only in residential security services but also in parking services, which again demonstrates how the business integrates technology solutions.

Launched in 2019, ADT Caps’ managed parking business provides unmanned, remote parking facility services allowing users to search for vacant parking spaces and avoid physical payment by instead creating an end-to-end experience reliant only on smart phone applications.

ADT Caps continues to explore the use of technology in other parts of its offering, including the integration of artificial intelligence, cloud and mobility-solutions. This has enhanced its competitiveness across the smart home market, which in turn has expanded its market share. It also means the increased adoption of its essential urban services is creating safer and more desirable places for people to live and work.

ADT Caps provides security services across Korea
ADT Caps control room
ADT Caps control room
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~600,000 customers1
~1,900 patrol guards
~400 technicians


Broadening essential services for urban Korea

“As a market leader in infrastructure and other essential community-based businesses, our investment in ADT Caps highlights our extended commitment to providing a broader range of essential urban services.

ADT Caps’ expanded market share across the smart security solutions sector and the increased adoption of its essential urban services is creating safer and more desirable places for people to live and work.”


Eric Kim, Senior Managing Director

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All information current as at June 2020, unless otherwise stated.

1 Accurate as at March 2020

2 Largest mobile communications operator by number of smartphones used at June 2020. Source: Korean Government organisation for Telecommunication and Broadcasting Industry, under Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology