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2021 Sustainability Report

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Sustainability in focus: Macquarie Asset Management’s Ben Way and Kristina Kloberdanz in conversation

We must remain determined in our efforts, as the decisions we make this decade will be felt by generations to come.”

Ben Way
Group Head of Macquarie Asset Management

Global net zero by 2040

Committed to invest and manage our portfolio in line with global net zero emissions by 2040 with 95% of real assets now reporting GHG emissions data1


Launch of proprietary United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) tools to measure UN SDGs alignment / contribution across multiple MAM funds and products using defined frameworks2

Improved female representation

MAM workforce is 41% female, with improved female representation at senior levels globally

Specialist disability accommodation

Launch of impact investing platform focused on specialist disability accommodation for vulnerable tenants

Carbon sequestered

3,000+ ha of natural landscapes protected and 234,000t of carbon sequestered in our agriculture and natural assets in 20213

1. By number of portfolio companies regularly reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data to MAM as at 31 March 2022 as a percentage of the number of MAM-managed real asset portfolio companies that were deemed in-scope for GHG emissions reporting at that date. This may exclude recent acquisitions, pending divestments, or portfolio companies where MAM does not have sufficient control or influence that decline to report emissions data. 2. MAM’s SDG alignment frameworks are used across public and private funds and products to demonstrate actual or potential outcomes driven by intentional investment or manager strategies. 3. Across MAM’s Agriculture and Natural Asset businesses.

Our approach

As custodians of vital businesses touching people’s daily lives, we have both a responsibility and an opportunity to ensure we are driving positive change.

Effective ESG integration and management is core to MAM’s strategy, decision-making and investment processes. We believe positive ESG performance is an indicator of management quality and ESG integration operational performance and has the potential to create long-term value. We also recognise the growing regulatory attention given to ESG matters around the world, which means we must be prepared to meet all legislative requirements in the jurisdictions in which we operate.

Our ambition is to be a global leader in sustainable asset management. Following the publication of our 2021 Sustainability Report, Macquarie Asset Management’s Chief Sustainability Officer Kristina Kloberdanz shares how we are converting this ambition into action across our portfolio.

Responsible investing


• Climate change exposure

• Greenhouse gas emissions

• Biodiversity and ecosystems

• Resource efficiency

• Water usage

• Land use

• Waste and pollution




Our people

• Workplace health and safety

• Community engagement

• Diversity, equity and inclusion

• Just transition

• Cultural heritage

• Supply chain



Business ethics and conflicts of interest

• Regulation and government relations

• Cyber security, data protection and privacy

• Human and labour rights, modern slavery

• Anti-bribery, corruption and fraud

• Sanctions

• Executive remuneration


Our global collaboration and advocacy actions in 2021 included:

Our capabilities

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