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Fast, reliable telecommunications are the backbone of global connectivity however our digital world raises issues of privacy and personal safety, especially for children. With MAM’s support, Denmark’s leading telecommunications provider1 is raising digital awareness and keeping the country’s children safe from online bullying and predatory behaviour.

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Sector Telecommunications
Invested 2018
Location Denmark

The challenge

From ensuring widespread access to modern networks and equipping people with the right skills, the rapid transformation to a digital world is creating challenges for society. Addressing issues of internet safety, privacy and data protection are essential to tackle criminal activity, with safeguarding children particularly important.

As the largest telecommunications provider in Denmark, TDC recognises its responsibility to foster digital inclusion within the community. Children are engaging with technology at a younger age, and with issues such as cyber bullying a real concern, the younger generation needs support in how it interacts with the digital world.

TDC is Denmark's largest telecommunications provider

Our engagement

Since becoming a partner in 2018, alongside our co-shareholders, we have been actively supporting TDC on one of the largest and most complex capital investment programmes in its history: upgrading and expanding its fibre network for one million households and businesses. TDC is committed to strengthening Denmark’s mobile connectivity, investing early and at scale to deliver the country’s next generation mobile network.


Following years of planning and investment, TDC’s 4G and 5G outdoor mobile network now covers 99.5 per cent of Denmark and, for the 6th year in a row, has been recognised as providing the country’s best mobile experience.2

TDC has also developed a number of effective partnerships to foster digital inclusion within the community. For example, the ‘Parents in the Digital World’ initiative, delivered in collaboration with Børns Vilkår, the organisation behind the national children’s helpline, combats cyber bullying by helping parents understand their children’s digital lives and equip them with tools to engage with their children about positive and safe behaviour online. A recent awareness campaign on the topic of ‘Sharenting’ reached more than 200,000 people.

The ‘WiFive’ initiative, in partnership with the ‘Danish Pupils’ Association’ (DSE, Danske Skoleelever), is helping students aged 8-12 to strengthen their digital awareness and online skills and gain their ‘digital driver’s licence’. In 2020, TDC and DSE operated courses for more than 1,900 schoolteachers, across almost 770 schools, to support them in teaching their pupils about digital citizenship and skills. Since the programme materials first launched in 2018, they have reached almost 100,000 pupils and are present at every third school in Denmark.


danish pupils have been reached through TDC Group’s ‘WiFive’ initiative

Key learnings

Cooperation is essential to designing and delivering innovative programmes. These are real-world examples of how the partnerships can make a tangible difference.

They also show the value of ambition. TDC is applying similar ambition to protect the environment. In 2019, it announced its pledge to become 100 per cent carbon neutral in 2028 and to reduce CO2 emissions by 50 per cent in 2023, against a 2020 baseline.

TDC has committed to set targets in line with the Science Based Targets initiative for ambitious climate action, including a scope 3 emissions reduction target, by September 2021. It also completed its first-ever Scope 3 emissions inventory in 2020, which revealed that the company's total value chain emissions are approximately 2.5 times greater than those arising from their direct operations. While this indicates the scale of the challenge ahead, the positive experience from recent emission reductions and the benefits of a collaborative approach are cause to be optimistic about the future.

Our approach to sustainability

This case study first appeared in our 2020 Sustainability Report.

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