Our approach

Because there’s no substitute for real experience.


That’s why we hire people with senior operational and technical experience from the industries in which we invest.

MAM has become one of the world’s leading alternative asset managers by assembling a team that understands the challenges and opportunities across the sector – drawing on real-world experience to invest in, manage and enhance essential real asset businesses.

On-the-ground experience

Over two decades, we’ve cultivated a regional investment strategy powered by local teams.

Our people oversee investment into the communities in which they live and work. Leveraging the strength of our global platform, we use local relationships and knowledge to deliver investment opportunities and value for our partners.

Driving investment performance

Our asset managers come from a diverse range of backgrounds but share a passion for solving problems and building businesses.

We use a balance of experience and foresight to help businesses focus on what’s important. Using our System 7 Asset Management Framework, our teams work with portfolio company management teams to drive improvements – across operations, financials and ESG.

System 7 Asset Management Framework
  1. Understanding and engaging with stakeholders: Identifying key stakeholder relationships and create positive two-way dialogue for mutually beneficial outcomes. 
  2. Setting strategic vision: Challenging management to define an ambitious and sustainable strategy for the portfolio company aligned with stakeholder and shareholder expectations. 
  3. Putting the right leadership in place: Actively assessing management to get the best leadership for each portfolio company, and to ensure succession planning is in place. 
  4. Focusing operations: Detailed planning to align management goals with shareholder and stakeholder value. 
  5. Optimising capital: Optimal capital structures and funding arrangements taking account of individual risks, regulation and capital expenditure needs of each portfolio company. 
  6. Managing risk: Risk assessment and management is central to MAM’s approach to asset management and is applied across the investment lifecycle. 
  7. Clear governance: Clearly defining corporate governance structures and practices to ensure management have operational responsibility and accountability.

We aim to build companies that improve the essential services they provide to the customers and communities who rely on them – for generations to come.

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